2012 resolutions

one of my 2012 resolutions is to find 12 things i love about myself. things that i dont wanna change

now that i thought about it, 12 is way too many. so im trying to list them here before i start hating on myself again so here it goes!

1- my hair. i love how it reflects me, the way it curls down in a perfect shape with the least effort ❤

2- Im a good listener / a very good lier

3- I dont talk much / never complain at least not to people lol

4- the fact that i look a lot like my dad

5- my name, its unusual and ive never met anyone who ever heard of it. i love the look on people’s faces when i tell them what it means. For some reasons it always comes out as a shock. its funny.. in a way lol

6- ive been working out a lot lately so yeah im kinda in love with my figure

7- i dont know if this counts or its just a phase but i do love the way i look with glasses. it gives the impression that im smart and stuff hehe

still 5 to go.. i honestly cant think of any..



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